Pretty good article advocating for a software testing degree

I noticed a thread over on slashdot about a writer advocating for "Software Testing" as a degree option for college students.  Slashdot pointed to Ole Lensmar's article here: and the slashdot thread is here:

I could not agree more.  Lensmar's points are well thought out and I especially like his thoughts on training testers when they start.  We do that in OneNote (and Office and Microsoft in general) and refer to it as "ramp up" time.  Computer science majors have the coding and design skills to get started, but generally need guidance to start to question assumptions and put systems under stress.  Teaching this in college could have a large benefit for those of us testers working here - if nothing else, it would save time from a tester already here spending extra time teaching someone new rather than collaborating with someone new.

Thanks for the well thought out article, Ole.

There are a lot of comments in the slashdot thread (more there than the original article, but I already mentioned slashdot, so I may be repeating myself here) and I am going to go read through them now.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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