An update for OneNote!

I guess everyone on the internet already noticed, but we just updated OneNote and you can download the new version from the Windows Store here:

I hope you enjoy it. Now on my Surface Pro I can change pen colors for inking. Technically, you can do this on any device, but I mention the Pro because it has an active screen and comes with a stylus. We also connect to Office 365 notebooks and the list of notebooks you have recently opened will show as well. This way you don't have to keep track of quite so many URLs.

Testing of this went well. For the roaming of notebooks, for instance, we had a good test plan from testing that for the Win32 client and updated it for the different UI for the store client. In "desktop" OneNote, you can see the list of recently opened notebooks in File | Open. In the store client, that same list shows on the left part of the screen under the notebooks you have open (right side of the screen on languages that are right to left). Since much of the core functionality was the same we were able to get this feature out to you quickly.

I don't have much more I can add here that hasn't already been mentioned all over the place so I will step back and let everyone enjoy this update. And as usual, feel free to let me know what you think.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Glad I found your site. As an avid OneNote MX user I am glad for all the improvements you guys have brought to the app. It is one awesome app in the Store and my only tool for organizing unstructured information.

    I am glad for the information you shared here for the current update, it is a shame you guys didn't provide that info on the Release Note of the app in the Store. We could only read "Updated for more Language Support". Please make it a point of duty to update release notes info with the app so we don't have to go search the web for info on what changed.

    Coincidentally I tweeted a request after the update over an annoying side effect of Spell-check in OneNote MX at the moment, it may even exist in the Desktop client, I cant check right now. I am talking of the annoying squiggly lines under words in Code Scripts. As a Dev and geek, I keep a lot scripts of all programming languages. Since these scripts are not standard English, of course Spell-check cannot make any sense of them thereby filling the screen with lots and lots of squigglies and making the scrip unreadable. I hereby propose to add an option to the Formatting section of the Radio dial to turn off spell check for selected text or for the whole page. This will make life easier for a lot of us not having to copy codes to VS first before we could read them.

    I am sure you're working on other enhancements to bring OneNote MX comparable with the desktop client, so I won't bother you with those here. Just want to mention this Spell-check headache. Thanks for an awesome product. Keep the enhancements coming.

  2. On my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 the writing with pen much more convinient in OneNote x86. When I write with pen in OneNote MX the delay between movement of pen and drawing it on the screen is too much.

  3. 求同步Google reader says:

    I‘m  a google reader user from china.I find it's necessary to take a note in the local disk.

    so I suggest thar onenote can support rss and when stared a rss term,it can be added to onenote automatically.

  4. Kelvin Dueck says:


    You've been kind enough in the past to respond to my questions and comments regarding OneNote.  Just to refresh your memory, I'm the teacher who wrote you a couple of years ago letting you know how I was using OneNote in my classroom.  You passed my email on to the Microsoft PR department, and they did a short video about it:…/teaching-with-onenote-how-students-benefit.aspx

    I've just switched to OneNote 2013.  I've been using it for one week on my tablet PC in my classroom, and there is a feature that is driving me crazy (as well as hundreds of others on various Microsoft forums).  In Full Page mode, there is no way to permanently pin the Quick Access Toolbar to the page.  Every time you exit full page mode, you need to re-pin the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar to have it visible.  This means that if I make a mistake with my stylus (which is not equipped with an eraser), I have to click 3 times every time to bring up an eraser.  I can pin the Quick Access Toolbar for that session, but if I exit full page mode, or if I open another page, I have to re-do the process.

    Frankly, it's nearly a deal breaker.  I've looked at various options from the forums.  One person suggested that if you hit "ALT", that brings up the ribbon, which is true, but it brings up a glitchy, hard-to read ribbon.  It also requires access to a keyboard, which I'm trying to avoid.

    Would it be possible for someone at Microsoft to write an add-in that would allow permanently pinning the Quick Access Toolbar to the top of the page in Full Page view?


    Kelvin Dueck

  5. John says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    The extensibility model we have does not allow addins like that to be written.  I have passed your comments on to the design team to see if we can improve this in the future, though.

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