OneNote 2013 keyboard shortcuts

One of the tasks that I always try to find time to complete (but never seem to actually get to complete) is memorizing keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and OneNote. When I have a laptop or desktop I always find is odd to type a bit, then have to move my hands over and grab a mouse to do other tasks. Don't get me wrong - the mouse makes life much easier and I have been using it long enough to appreciate it - but being able to quickly hit a key or two on the keyboard is much faster overall.

While this does not tie directly into testing, we do have to test the keyboard shortcuts work. And what gave me the idea for this article was testing our online help - basically, verifying the accuracy of the content. We published the OneNote 2013 shortcut keys here:

Most of these everyone already knows, like CTRL+X to cut or CTRL+Z to undo. And in an odd twist, the question I seem to get asked most often relates to the very first key on the list = CTRL+M to open a second (or third, etc…) OneNote window.

Tip: Selecting Notes and Objects is really where you can lessen the use of a mouse and impress folks when projecting or otherwise showing OneNote to others.

I hope you learn a few tricks from all this. There are certainly a lot of keys listed there and I hope you can find one or two combinations you can use with your work style.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Stew says:

    Not related to OneNote 2013 or testing, but I was editing a OneNote notebook while projecting to my team this morning and one of the guys asked how I was able to mark items as ToDo so quickly.  So I showed the Tags drop-down with the first 6 items having hotkeys.

    In response, a consultant that was visiting said "I have to start using OneNote."


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