Free OneNote 2013 Quick Start Guide

Just wanted to pass along some free templates Quick Start Guides we are giving away.  You can jump over and get the OneNote template at

If you want to see all the templates for all the Office applications, you can jump here:

I hope you find this useful.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

Comments (8)

  1. Daniel Larsen says:

    Actually, those are called Quick Start Guides.  I only mention that because they are VERY different than the thousands of Templates on the website.  You can see all of the free Templates for OneNote here:…/results.aspx

  2. Sadly, clicking on "2013" on the templates page reveals there are absolutely no 2013 templates as yet.

  3. Jane Reardon says:

    I wonder if someone can help me!  I just got OneNote 2013 & Windows 8.  I am trying to export a OneNote page to a PDF and I get the error "something went wrong and we can't do what you asked.  We're sorry".  So I tried exporting a different file, tried to export to Word and even tried a different file location and file name.  Also tried restarting computer.

    Anyone seen this before or have any advice??  Help!

  4. John says:

    Jane – can you send me an email using the "Email blog author" link to the upper right?  I'd like to understand what is happening here.

    Also, if you click File | Account | About OneNote, what version do you see? It should be something like 15.0.4420.1017 or similar.

  5. Alan Grant says:

    I get same error message as Jane  ("Something went wrong and we can't do what you asked.  We're sorry") when attemtping to save my file (OneNote 2013 / Office 365 on Win 7 x64).  

  6. TonyHe2062 says:

    I'm also getting the error "Something went wrong…" whenever I try to export a OneNote page to any format, include docx and pdf.

    I'm on OneNote 15.0.4623.1002 on Win7

    Are there any solutions or workarounds to this?

  7. JohnGuin says:

    We are trying to track this down.  Where are you trying to save the exported file?  Does it work if you save it to your desktop?

  8. Gary Grudzinskas says:

    Saving it to the Desktop worked for me after getting the error. Thanks John.

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