The OneNote 2007 text importer executable

Thanks for bearing with me.  It seems like all the old ISPs I was using to host some of the OneNote 2007 powertoys are now gone from the web.  Once this happened, I started to get emails and postings on this blog from folks that wanted these old applications, with the text importer easily being the most popular.  (As a side note, OneNote 2007 is getting a bit old - try OneNote 2013 at to sample the newest version).

As I was looking around for this old code, I have had many problems.  Old hard drives had died, my online copies were gone and I had not checked any of this code into a repository here at work.  I was about to give up and rewrite the addin when I stumbled across an old USB thumb drive I had.  Lo and behold, there was one final copy of the code on it.  But it was only the code - not the executable file.  "No worries," I thought.  "I can just rebuild this and give it out again."

Turns out that was much easier said than done.  I did not have a machine with OneNote 2007 with which to test this application, so I created a virtual machine for that task.  Installing OneNote 2007 took some more time, and then it turns out I had used Visual Studio 2010 to build this at one point and the files were too new to use with VS 2008.  Long story short - it took three days of installing, part time, all the stuff needed to build this thing.

So here it is and, presumably, as long as this article exists, the file should be downloadable below.

Just download it and then rename it.  The last letter of the file name is the _ character.  Just change it to an e and then save and run it.

Sorry for the all problems for folks looking for this.  I'll update the other pages to point here.

Finally, it seems sort of odd that I'm posting a resource for a 6+ year old version of OneNote the week we roll out OneNote 2013. 

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms alwasy welcome,

Text File Importer.ex_

Comments (2)

  1. Phil says:

    "Finally, it seems sort of odd that I'm posting a resource for a 6+ year old version of OneNote the week we roll out OneNote 2013."

    Well I'm glad you did.  My company is migrating to Outlook from Lotus Notes, which is giving me plenty of reasons to give the Outlook integration features of OneNote a good look over.  I'm also on a new machine and looking for all the good stuff to add to OneNote to help extend it.

    Thanks for posting this.  

  2. John says:

    Glad to help and welcome to OneNote (2007)!

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