Updating a help article based on a test pass

One of the many tasks that testers perform is verifying our help files are accurate. The timing behind this is pretty tricky since our traditional model requires that the help files are ready at the same time OneNote is ready. Since we have the potential to make changes at any point, the Help files are always seemingly in a state of limbo awaiting the final design of the product.

I had the opportunity to review the Help files a while back. Specifically, I was looking at the help we provide for folks that want to change the default font in OneNote. The online help article is here:


Pretty short and to the point, right?

But I remembered a couple of emails I received and feedback on both my blog and the discussion group in which some users who had changed the default font noticed that this did not apply to the title field. We did not change the behavior for OneNote 2013 and the original help article did not mention that this change does not alter the title field.

I entered a bug on this and it came back to me as resolved this past week. I went to the website and verified that we added text to the help that helps explain this behavior. I have to admit this is not earth shattering but it is always gratifying to see small changes like this happen.

I verified the fix and closed the bug. Again, not glamorous and not earth shattering, but this is a reasonable example of one of the hidden/behind the scenes jobs testers get to do.

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