A book review for a data analysis book I am using for testing OneNote

Looking back over my blog here, I don’t think I have ever done a book review. I spent the last couple of weeks working through a book which I intend to use for testing and figured this would make a good topic for an entry here. The book is Data Analysis with Open Source Tools…


Getting caught up after a short break

I was out of the office last week (enjoying some Texas BBQ) and of course that was the week I got a huge number of emails and responses on the test blog here. Additionally, the day I left was the day the building in which I work needed some electrical work.  All the power was…


Sitting in the ship room monitoring OneNote feedback

We just released a major update for OneNote for Windows Blue!  This was a lot of hard work for test and now I am sitting in a conference room as we see what customers are saying about the new release.  It’s a lot of fun and very eye opening (OCR is initially getting a lot…


A really cool inverted color mode in Windows

I was testing some of the accessible features in OneNote and had to use the Magnifying tool in Windows. Because I was in this tool, I needed to explore all the options it has to ensure OneNote works well. So if you go to the Control Panel | Ease of Access center, you can turn…


Adding Unit Tests

Just a funny anecdote today. I overheard a developer mention that writing code for OneNote was easy, but adding unit tests was taking too much time. I had to disagree – the benefit of the unit tests is the long term stability they add to the project. This is echoed in the page I linked…


Getting rid of unwanted line breaks when pasting to OneNote

I got an email this week that asked about a problem I faced years ago. A OneNote user was pasting text into OneNote but the text was formatted poorly. Specifically, there were a lot of carriage return characters inserted into the original content that made the text flow poorly. What was happening was that the…


Some A/B Testing for OneNote layout

Back in May, I wrote a little about A/B testing for OneNote and used napkin math as an example. We are about do some more of this and it will involve our entire team so I wanted to mention that here. We are considering a small change to our layout code – the code that…


OneNote Tip: print to OneNote in portrait or landscape mode

I got an email from a OneNote user that was printing to OneNote and noticing that all of his printouts were in Portrait mode.  Since we have a virtual printer, he was not sure if he could change that to landscape (I never asked what type of document he was printing, but if you print…


A seemingly unrelated paper I was asked to read

I’ve been doing a brush up on my statistics skills recently.  This has been going pretty well since my degree is in math but I still want to “knock the rust off” as we start some data analysis work here in the OneNote test team. One of the papers that I was sent my way to…


A really great parody of shipping software

From my new friends in Yammer, here is “Ship it, Maybe”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R3aBwcDtwU  (Sorry but I can’t get embedded video to work).   Light sabers, bell curves, and beer.  Wow. Well done folks!  Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome, John