A quick update on where I am currently using OneNote

When I first came to the OneNote team, I had a single laptop at home I was using for my notes. This was the (now old) 2007 version. Things have changed a bit and as I was looking through my notes, I realized I have many different machines I use frequently. This helps test interoperability between the different versions and makes me able to verify my data is available everywhere. Here's where I am:

  1. A home laptop running Windows 7 with OneNote 2010. This is the machine I used for my Coursera class among other things.
  1. Another home machine, this one a desktop running Vista and OneNote 2010. This is my computer I use(d) to write most of my powertoys. Sadly, there are no audio drivers for Windows 7 so this machine is probably not much longer for my ecosystem.
  2. My old Lenovo tablet at work. There are many old blog articles I have written on it and the myriad of hardware problems I have had with it in the six years I have been using it. On the plus side, though, it's still working and I have Windows 8 on it with the latest test builds of OneNote on it.
  3. A Surface tablet. I have both of the current versions of OneNote on it - both from the store and the retail version which will be for sale soon. I want to keep these versions on it as long as possible just to get coverage on this device. I split taking the Surface and my old Lenovo to meetings with me at work.
  4. Finally, a Windows phone with OneNote on it. The biggest use I have for this phone is taking photos of notes from a whiteboard and adding the image to shared notebooks I have with others. IMHO, the camera is the most underused piece of hardware with OneNote. Taking a quick snapshot of different items is very powerful.

Oh, I also use the web client now and then if I am on a machine that doesn't have OneNote on it and I need access to my notes.

So the only clients I am missing are really the Android and iPhone/iPad clients. But since I already have a phone and tablet, I can't really see how I can integrate them into my daily cycle. I can test with them whenever needed but it just wouldn't be easy for me to add to the 6 devices I already use.

Questions, comments, complaints and criticisms always welcome,


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