Snapping OneNote to the desktop in Windows 8

I saw a question on our twitter feed about how to dock the new OneNote available in the Windows 8 store to the desktop. The person wanted to snap it in place on the right like you can do with the desktop version but did not think it was possible for the new OneNote version.

It's actually possible to do this with any of the new apps - it's not a unique feature to OneNote. And instead of giving you my own step by step, I found a pretty good "how to" online already.

Here's the link:

This example uses the weather application, but it also works with OneNote. Here's a snapshot of my Windows 8 machine running the desktop version of Outlook and the new OneNote version snapped to the right:


I cropped it down a bit just to get it to be smaller.

So now you can have OneNote running on the right (or left) and other apps running at the same time. I hope this helps you out!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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