Dogfooding in Spanish

Every so often, I switch my dogfood account over to a different language just so I can make sure our UI is looking correct for all the different languages OneNote supports.  This also helps cover typing in different languages, font support, Unicode and other aspects of international testing.

And just because we have completed OneNote 2013 is no reason to give up on this mentality.  I have changed my UI to Spanish and am using that in my day to day work.  It's all going pretty well with Excel pivot tables really making me stretch my vocabulary.

I've also started running with my DPI settings at 125%. This is a fairly standard "zoom" setting and I need to keep my eye on icons and text labels that may not fit in the UI at this setting.  We test much larger settings than this - this just gives me a longer period of time to use OneNote in this configuration and ensure that the UI "looks right."  One other aspect of testing that can get covered here is keyboard input and international (to the US) characters.  More on that later if anyone is interested.  Entire books have been written on this type of testing.


I've written about this before and just wanted to follow up since some folks have wanted to know how often we rotate the UI like this.  I'd say I do this about 4 times per year on average.  Sometimes I may change it every week.  I remember once I went from Danish to Hebrew to Chinese to English all in two weeks, but that is not an incredibly common occurrence. 

Next up I will be gone for a week or so.  See you when I'm back in the office! ¡Nos vemos!


Questions,comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,



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  1. thomas plagwitz says:

    "One other aspect of testing that can get covered here is keyboard input and international (to the US) characters.  More on that later if anyone is interested."

    Please! (Although I am not sure I understand what your are saying at the end of the first sentence).

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