Snapping OneNote to the desktop in Windows 8

I saw a question on our twitter feed about how to dock the new OneNote available in the Windows 8 store to the desktop. The person wanted to snap it in place on the right like you can do with the desktop version but did not think it was possible for the new OneNote version….


Finished taking notes for a Coursera course – OneNote lessons learned

I finished a class I started a few weeks (months?) ago on Coursera. Now that I have had a little time to think over how it went, I wanted to share my thoughts on how I used OneNote to complete this online class. First, the class I completed (Model Thinking) was pretty well organized and…


An interesting (to me) lab conversation

We are in the process of upgrading a file server we have which we use to store DMP files. We’ve had this machine for about 6 years now and it was starting to get full and remain full. As a file server we were only really interested in storage capacity when we bought it so…


Dogfooding in Spanish

Every so often, I switch my dogfood account over to a different language just so I can make sure our UI is looking correct for all the different languages OneNote supports.  This also helps cover typing in different languages, font support, Unicode and other aspects of international testing. And just because we have completed OneNote…