Making coloring hyperlinks in OneNote far too hard on myself

I received an email over the weekend in which a OneNote user had managed to change the color of hyperlinks in OneNote. It's not that he wanted to do away with the default blue link, but it had happened and he was not sure how he had done it.

This mirrors a question on our OneNote discussion group here:

When he asked me, I did not follow the link to see the discussion and I did not even check OneNote. Instead, I made life complicated for myself. I hopped over to Bing (natch) and started looking for how to change the default hyperlink color in Windows, then booted OneNote spy to look at the page XML and started to go through IE settings to see where this color is set. Bing directed me to policy keys, registry settings, etc…

I tried them all.

After about 2 hours, though, I thought this is far too complicated for anyone to simply stumble across and went back to the original mail item. I copy/pasted the link to OneNote and sure enough, one was blue and the other was black. I clicked the Home tab on my ribbon and changed the font color for the black link to red.

Bingo. That's all I needed to do.

I sheepishly replied with the "fix" and let him know how much time I had spent making this question harder than it needed to be. That happens now and then - testers can get so locked into what appears to be a broken scenario that we can spend time barking up the wrong tree. I'm just glad there was a simple solution here that was easy to understand.

And I added a note to the forum thread with how to do this.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. And here the discussion about changing the hyperlink color programmatically:…/d673f8f8-dcd7-4910-9403-8b45379917a6

  2. John says:

    Thanks, Alexander!  I knew that question had rung a bell somewhere which is why I launched a big investigation, but did not remember the specifics.  That forum thread is what I remembered!

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