Reading about unit tests

One of the other testers and I were talking this morning about unit tests.  Here’s an example of 100% unit tests passing, 100% code coverage and still results in total failure: Essentially, the US tests used English measurements but the European team used metric. In turn, this caused a multi-million dollar spacecraft to fail….


Source code for the text importer for OneNote

Way back when, the server that held the source code for the text importer got shut down. Since this blogging platform limits me to one attachment per post, I had to post the executable for everyone.  I have received enough requests to let me know that this is a popular enough addin that people want…


Insisting on a small change to our automation

Recently I performed a code review for an automated test which was being added to our suite of automation. Overall, the changes were solid except for one method being invoked. Here’s the rough scenario: The script starts OneNote and creates a local notebook on the hard drive Then the script and logs into Skydrive The…


Not writing a tool helps me save time

Today I had a task of modifying an existing text file 16 times and saving the file 16 times .  The change was pretty simple – just changing a line that looks like this: file=c:\location\file001.txt to file=c:\location\file002.txt and the same pattern for 16 instances.  Then each file had to be saved with a similar naming…


Working on automation, tools and a nice “shout out” to OneNote

We have a little bit of time over this month to focus on more automation and tools. These both make our testing lives much easier. Once a test is automated, we no longer have to spend any time manually performing the test and it runs (depending on how it is classified) anywhere from several times…


Free webinar for using OneNote on a touch device

Just noticed this over in the Office blogs: Today Microsoft is hosting a free webinar for using OneNote on a Windows 8 touch device.  Here’s a little syllabus of what will be covered: What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar: Draw, type, click, swipe OneNote What you can do with touch OneNote for other…


Taking notes for online classes is surprisingly easy

This is probably more of a tip than anything else. As you know, I am taking an online class from Coursera and have been using OneNote to take notes. And I was diligently watching the teacher write on the whiteboard and was happily inking away in OneNote. And then I had to pause a lecture…


Making coloring hyperlinks in OneNote far too hard on myself

I received an email over the weekend in which a OneNote user had managed to change the color of hyperlinks in OneNote. It’s not that he wanted to do away with the default blue link, but it had happened and he was not sure how he had done it. This mirrors a question on our…