Testing shortcut keys shows a power user tip for heavy outliners

One of my tasks this week involved testing shortcuts in OneNote. The set of keys that made me do a little bit of research are these documented here:


And then under the Using Outlines node there is this:


And so on through level 9. Here's how those keys work.

Imagine you have some notes in which you are indenting to signify some information, like this:


Now click on the Level 1 line (either one). If you now hit ALT+SHIFT+2, all the content under Level 2 gets collapsed and OneNote shows only the content at Level 2 or above. Here's what you see:


With a little plus sign to show you there is more content that is below that level and hidden. From here you can hit ALT+SHIFT+3 to show all the content at level 3 or higher and so on for all the levels you have. ALT+SHIFT+0 expands all levels.

I explained this to a few folks internally and thought it may be worth passing on. If you are a habitual users of indentation to help organize your notes, these keyboard shortcuts might save you some time when reviewing them.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (2)

  1. Bob P says:

    Hey,  I absolutely need to be able to do this with folders in Onenote.


    Did I say I wanted MORE LEVELS!

  2. John says:

    Create a section group and add sections to it.  Then in that section group, create another section group and add sections to it.  And so on…  Does this help?

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