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Last week was incredibly busy around here and I am still getting caught up. One really nice online resource I found last week was a guide to using OneNote 2010. The folks at "I Study Bible Tools" have created a great guide for OneNote at http://istudybibletools.com/Instruction.htm. It's accurate, detailed and is only a few cartoons away from being a complete book for using OneNote. They also have created an addin that helps you study scripture. We've had a large amount of feedback over the years that this is a sizable use of OneNote, and with this level of detail, it is easy to see why.

Since I often get asked "How do I…" I figured I would post this link here. It really is a great guide, and I estimate that about 20% of the questions I get are answered in it. As a side note, I remember having QUE's "Using Windows 95" book when I worked on the technical support phone lines for that OS. About one third of the calls I took could have been answered straight from that book, and that helped teach me the value of good documentation.

Enough tangents - hop over there and read through the guide. Their terminology closely mirrors the lingo we use around here and I'm sure you will learn something new about OneNote.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (3)

  1. Stew says:

    Bah, the page is only viewable in Internet Explorer and not FireFox!  They can study the Bible but they can't create generic HTML?

    Thanks for the link though.

  2. John says:

    Works fine in FF and Chrome for me.  

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