A typical bug that only I see is plaguing my day

Each year we, like most other companies, complete a yearly review cycle.  All our data is contained online (and always has been.  We used to have Word documents that we would edit locally, but they were all uploaded to a server for archiving and later review).  Our internal website for our performance reviews is named simply Performance and today I needed to edit a review there.

I opened IE to https://performance.  In order to better see the text on screen, I maximized the window.  And my monitor turned off.

My monitor turned off.

Without any UI, there was little I could do, so I restarted.  I tried this again, and again when I maximized IE, my monitor turned off.

Another restart.  This time I tried cnn.com, usatoday.com and a host of other websites.  They all worked as expected and I could minimize/maximize IE all I wanted.

Back to the Performance site, and again my monitor went off.

I was getting pretty tired of testing this and restarted one last time.  This time I started with IE maximized and entered the https:// address and again the monitor went off.  I figured I had spent enough time on this and decided to make IE as large as I could without actually clicking the maximize button so I could complete my work.

Then I called a few people in to witness this odd behavior.

But I’m not done and can’t really ignore this.  I need to check that I am using the correct monitor drivers next and ensure my video drivers are up to date.  This is so unusual I do not really know what other steps I can take.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress here if you like. And this will be a nice reference case for talking about bug resolutions later.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Only thing that I can think of is a control that would force your screen into changing your monitor into a resolution that it does not support. But that should not be possible 🙂

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