Back from a week off and getting up to speed

Just got back from a week off and am spending this morning and am going through the standard process of getting back to work.  I imagine this is the exact same process most folks that use computers heavily at work go through when they get back from any lengthy time away, so terhe may not be anything especially eye opening here.

For me, though, it is a little different. I imagine there are companies at which you can return to work, turn on your computer and start checking mail, your calendar, etc… For me, I have to uninstall what is now a week old build of Office (we continually test the newer builds of our product - our "dogfood" culture I have mentioned before_ and install the newest version. This takes anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on the speed of the machines involved. I'm in a pretty good position today. I only have to do this on one desktop and my tablet. In the past, I have had to do this on as many as 6 different machines. With only 2, it goes pretty fast.

After that, it is a pretty normal day. I take a look at my bug list, check meetings, meet with my team to see where we are and the day to day tasks like that. Nothing special here.

Once my machines are set up, I can start digging through email. And that is my first day back from a week off.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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