Over 100 copies of Sergio Hernandez winning the Barrio Logan Grand Prix in my OneNote test notebook

We were looking through a test notebook I have up on Skydrive today and someone remarked on this screen clipping I had on a page:


This is Sergio Hernandez, a member of the Jelly Belly Cycling Team, as he crosses the line to win the Barrio Logan Grand Prix earlier this year. The big image is here.

Anyway, I had a need to test with an image, and many different resolutions of the image as we tested sync with SkyDrive. I had grabbed this one and made a few copies of it. Then I had gone back and gotten some different resolutions of Sergio and after all was said and done I had over 100 copies of it floating around.  44 copies of it were on a single page, if that matters.

The bright pink and white colors certainly catch the eye and this image attracted a lot of attention. I just liked it because I am a big fan of cycling and this photo is a nice little bit of motivation.

And it is helping to flush out scenarios with SkyDrive sync for OneNote. I've written in the past that testers have many, many copies of blank pages, pages with "asdf" on them, and so on to be used for testing. Thought it might be nice to share an image I use with testing.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


PS: Congratulations, Sergio!

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