OneNote code reviews with Comic Sans Serif is fun

I changed one of my system fonts (Menu, I believe) to Comic San Serif.  Now when I perform code reviews, my font shows as this:


But that little comment, nitpick though it may be, really jumped out at me. One of the testers here needed to move some files around in a test and used this variable name, “desFolder” for the destination folder.  While there is nothing invalid about this, not having that ‘t’, like all the examples on MSDN, just looked odd and made the code slightly difficult to read.  And somewhere down the line if the code ever needs to be changed, I can almost guarantee someone making a typo here by ignoring Intellisense or just simply not paying attention.

I hope she fixes it before she checks in.

Now back to the fun.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

Comments (7)

  1. Fleon says:

    Mobile Onenote- I'm not sure if this is part of your team or Skydrive QA or other… but have you guys been having a lot of problems with Mobile Onenote for WP7 failing to sync recently?  I used to rely on ON for everything, but over the past couple of months I've seen the mobile version just completely fail to ever sync on a lot of pages.   Has something changed?

  2. Fleon says:

    In fact, I can reproduce this with a couple of additional bits of info.  If I launch the Office Hub, then go into a notebook, if anything hasn't synced already- it never does.  If I pin that same notebook to the start screen and go into it that way, things seem to work.

    Additionally, the "Looking for your notebooks on Skydrive" notification when you launch the Office Hub never seems to stop looking… even after hours of nothing.  Any ideas?

  3. JohnGuin says:

    Let me see what may be happening.  

  4. Fleon says:

    Additional info:  I probably have upwards of 20,000 pages in ON.  Think I could just be overloading it?  And would you rather me just email you- I still have the address….

  5. Fleon says:

    Another update- it did finally finish "getting my notes from Skydrive."   Took 2 nights just leaving the phone in the Office Hub overnight.  However, there is a use case here that should be addressed- while I accept that the sheer number of pages/info I have in ON might inevitably cause this initial indexing/downloading to take forever (although I question the usefulness of downloading it all), the indexing should stop as soon as the user makes a selection and tries to actually open a page/section that isn't in the index and immediately grab the selection.   Otherwise, you end up with a perception that the device simply isn't working.

  6. John says:

    Thanks for the update.  We're investigating this scenario on our end.

    Idle question – if you packaged the notebook as a OneNote package file, how large is it?

  7. Fleon says:

    How many of them?  All of them?  There are 11.  I'd say in total it would be around 10GB.

    Another connected comment- if I turn my phone off (ie, for being on a plane) when I go back to the Office Hub, it starts the same "looking for notes on Skydrive" for another 20 hours.  When it's in that mode, Onenote is really completely unusable.

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