Update to Onetastic powertoy for OneNote

Omer did an update to his tool to allow for the selection of only specific bits of text from an image in OneNote. You now get a little window that shows you all the text from the image and can select only the text you need. Here's what Omer has to say:

Want to select and copy part of a text on an image in OneNote? Go grab latest update for Onetastic: http://omeratay.com/onetastic.


This is a great powertoy and I'm happy to update everyone when Omer adds to it.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

Comments (3)

  1. Jon E says:

    Hey John,

    This is the best feature that could be added.  It is extremely useful and I hope people appreciate all the work you guys put into your programs.

  2. win7guru says:

    I agree with Jon E (Me), but I forgot to mention how amazing the crop feature is.  I have been wanting this in Onenote for sooooooooo long and now it is finally here.  Thank you Omer and John for making this known.

  3. This fantastic Powertoy, this is the add on!

    Thank you very much.

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