Learned a valuable lesson about checking meeting times

Two days ago I was invited to an automation meeting here at work. This was going to be a good meeting since we were including some of our partner teams in India and China during it. I got the invitation and notice it started at 9 o'clock.

At about 8:59 AM I was getting a little worried since none of the other participants from Redmond seemed to be around. I checked my calendar in Outlook and the meeting was not there. I was wondering if I was seeing some bizarre Outlook or Exchange bug so I quickly sent a message to one of the other participants asking what happening and where everyone was.

He told me to scroll down on my calendar. I did, and there at 9 PM was the meeting. This happens all the time for meetings with people from different timezones - it's a challenge with picking a time of day that works for everyone that needs to attend. I had just assumed it was a morning meeting for us. This hit me a little harder since I typically get to work at 7AM so it made for a long day.

But it also taught me to double check my calendar so at least I learned something from it.

Oh, and there was no bizarre Outlook/Exchange bug either.

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  1. Stew says:

    > Oh, and there was no bizarre Outlook/Exchange bug either.

    Cuz those NEVER happen, right?  😉

    We use Outlook/Exchange at the office and the problems when a recurring meeting gets reschedule for just one occurrence are monumental, especially if people accept the change via their iPhone or web access.  [sigh]

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