A rare chance to get to explore a bit in OneNote

I was playing around with OneNote the other day (yes, just playing around - not working, testing or doing anything in particular) and looked in File | Options | Advanced. Way down at the bottom is this control:


I had literally no idea what that "Measurement Units" actually controlled. Instead of looking it up, I decided to "black box" some testing to see if I could figure it out.

First, I noticed the options were


This got me to thinking about screen sizing, layout, page size and items like that. First thing I did was change the default from inches to Centimeters so I could look for centimeters, CM, cm or similar controls to see if the change was made.

I first looked at templates, but there was no control there that looked related. Next up was page size, so I clicked View | Paper Size and looked down at the bottom of the Paper Size task pane:


Bingo. This controls the units of measure when setting Print Margins. All in all, this took me about five minutes to find, so maybe this will save you a little time as well. I've never changed the margins myself but now I know how to control exactly how much space to leave.

Next up will be to explore our automation to see how we test this - should be interesting and I am sure to learn something new.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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