Onenote for Android is available!

This is really great.  Onenote is now available for Android!

Full details are here: so I won't repeat that.  Jump on over and check it out.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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  1. Annie Blevins says:

    Thank you! Just replaced Nevernote, which is pale is features compared to OneNote!

  2. Syncing Unfiled Notes to SkyDrive says:

    Hi John,

    I've came to you since I got your name in a related answer to that. Yesterday, I've tried the Android OneNote version (which is great by the way!), so I wanted to migrate all my notebooks to SkyDrive for that.

    After a lot of fiddling and testing, I've realized that Unfilled Notes wouldn't sync unless you selected the "Sync to Web" option on the first setup. I know that I could move the section to a syncing workbook and it would sync, but I'd much rather have the Unfilled Notes in their own little icon on the bottom left.

    So, I've tried uninstalling everything related to Office 2010, applying the "Fix It" removal tool a couple of times and it never worked: OneNote would "remember" the notebooks and settings when starting it again.

    I've also tried removing all the folders of OneNote | 14.0 under the AppData, Local, LocalLow, Roaming, ProgramData, etc., and it didn't work neither.

    So my guess is that it's something in the registry…

    Would you please let me know how to reset the OneNote setup or do something to trigger the full sync of Unfilled Notes? That's all I'm missing to jump into your newly released Android app!

    Thank you so much!

  3. JohnGuin says:

    The easiest way is to go to File | Options | Save and Backup.  The top choice there is which section to use as Unfiled Notes.  Select Unfiled and click Modify.  You will get a little picker to select which section you want to use as Unfiled Notes.  Just select the section on Skydrive you want to use.  And you need SP1 from OneNote to get the little picker, so make sure it is up to date.

  4. Syncing Unfiled Notes to SkyDrive says:

    Thanks for the fast reply!

    Yes, but that would be the same as drag and dropping the Unfilled notes section to a workbook that is already on SkyDrive, wouldn't it? BTW, I'm in SP1

    What I want is to do it the "right" way, even if it takes another reinstall. I want to sync the Unfilled Notes and they to be located on the little icon on the bottom left dedicated to that, not inside another random workbook.

    Hope I'm being clear; I've searched the web the whole day and my impression is that it's impossible to do, since no one is addressing that direct need with a solution.

    Thanks again John!

  5. JohnGuin says:

    If you use the File | Options, the little link in the lower left corner will point to the section you choose in the picker.  Give that a shot!

  6. nicmart says:

    Now that OneNote has an Android app, what would you say to get a user away from Evernote and into OneNote to replace the highly useful tagging system Evernote uses?

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