Back from a week of interviewing

Last week I got sent to Mexico on a recruiting trip. In some cases, it is cheaper to send a small set of Microsoft employees overseas to conduct interviews than sending a large group of folks back to Redmond so we do these trips every so often. The fact that it is sunny and warm there versus cold and icy here is just good luck, I suppose 🙂

Anyway, when we got there the facilities folks had set up rooms for us to use. They hung signs on each door like this:


Notice the typo? The testers in our group noticed "interview" was spelled incorrectly on the first day of the first morning we were there. The developers with us did not notice this until much later.

This made complete sense to us since testers (by and large) are much more nitpicky and interested in finding flaws than other disciplines. One of the other testers pointed out that he had fully expected all the testers to notice this first (and we did) and had been internally counting the time until the rest of the group there noticed. Kind of a silly way to point out such differences in our teams, I know, but I figured I would share it here since it gives insight into the test mentality.

And we never had the signs changed. No point in it really - why waste paper once we knew which rooms we were using?

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (2)

  1. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    John, what are your impressions from interviewing in Mexico? What do you feel the average level of expertise is? Also, if you're allowed to say, which city/state did you go to?

  2. JohnGuin says:

    Good impression from Mexico – lots of talent there!  And even though we were in Mexico, we had some candidates from other nations go there, so it was not Mexico only.

    The location may vary year to year, but last week we were in Puerto Vallarta.  Life can be tough sometimes, I know <grin>, but it was a welcome weather break from Seattle.

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