Getting a full size video card into a compact desktop

Gary came by today with a nice tip. He had a compact desktop machine and someone had given him a full size video card to go with it. It had been using the integrated video before, but we wanted to diversify our video configurations we have.

The problem he had was that the card, while small by itself, had a large metal bracket on the back which allowed it to fit into a full size case. Naturally, the card would not fit into the smaller case with that large bracket. Taking the bracket off was simple enough, but now the card was too small for even the mini-tower case. Gary took a look at the card and the little bracket placeholder piece of metal on the smaller case, and realized he could fairly easily break the placeholder bracket apart and cut it into a shim to use. Here's what he did:

First, he removed the placeholder from the mini-tower and cut it to an appropriate length to serve as a shim on the new card.


Notice the little slot between the SVGA and DVI ports? Gary bent a little bit of the placeholder bracket so that it would fit into that slot and provide stability. Here's what it looks like when the shim is put into place:


And finally, what it looks like when it is in the case - there is even a slot to screw the shim to the case:


Pretty slick, eh? Just a few minutes with a multi-tool and he has a video card that would have not fit otherwise installed and up and running. Now if only Gary will post a better step by step over at Instructables...

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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