Source code for OneCal

Not much to talk about here. Just about all the code here is set up to draw the calendar and compute dates and times. The OneNote part of the code is pretty much summed up in:

void ProcessSection(const ON::Section &s)

in which the Created Time of the page is used to figure out when the page was made. If it has been modified since, the Last Modified Time is used instead. Then the code gets a link to the page and adds it to the calendar.

This addin is written in C++ instead of C#, so if you want to see what this type of application looks like, this is a good example.

If anyone wants to update this, feel encouraged to do so and I can post the results here. Some ideas for work include adding localized support for other languages and support for non-Gregorian calendars. Performance can always be improved or you may even want to add this to the ribbon. Oh, and a save feature would be great…

Anyway, I hope some folks learn a little from this.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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