Getting a lot done today

Just a short post today since I am getting a ton of work items completed.  I don't want to interrupt my workflow too much!

Getting some long term planning tasks done.  Having a long term plan is key to working on any piece of software, not just OneNote, so I am glad to get a chance to get out of the week to week grind to look down the road for upcoming work items.

I'm also doing some code reviews for changes to our automation system.  This helps everyone in the long term.

I actually get some time to test OneNote!  This may sound a little goofy, but with all the short term tasks (meetings, code reviews, automation investigations, working on tools, etc...) actual test time is wonderful to have come my way.

Updating my test tool I mentioned a while back.I'm getting some good payback from that tool and have also been thinking about how to improve it.

Got my inbox down to zero items.  I'm a filer, not a piler, so that is always a good feeling.

Clearing up a lot of other miscellaneous to do items.

Now, back to work!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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  1. Jeffrey Cox says:

    Was glad to run across this on two accounts.  One, I hear you about the day to day grind and not getting to the "big rocks."  Two, glad to hear about work on OneNote.  I really love OneNote, with one exception – mobile connectivity to my Android.  Evernote really has been getting a ton of press and traction.  I tried it out for awhile due to the Android connectivity.  But, it's just not as good as OneNote.  I have high hopes that "testing" means good things are in store.

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