Three hardware changes around the OneNote testing hallway

This week saw three hardware happenings around the hallways of OneNote. And in the best interest of balancing, one will have a positive impact on testing OneNote, one was neutral and one hindered our testing efforts.

So in the order of good to bad, here goes:

1. The Good: I got a new slate to use for testing. My Lenovo tablet is on its final legs (the battery only lasts about 20 minutes among other problems) and I finally got an Asus EEE Tablet. I'm still in the process of getting it set up and am getting used to the onscreen keyboard, and once I'm through "Settling in" I'll be ready to use it for day to day use and testing. Excellent! New hardware is always fun.

2. The Neutral: I got a replacement monitor for our twitter feed. I was surprised by the (almost completely email based) feedback I got after losing the monitor. Fortunately, one of our program managers had an old spare monitor sitting around and donated it to the cause. Now folks can see what you are tweeting about OneNote again - and hide themselves around the corner out of my view while they read it.  I put this down as neutral since, although we read this all the time, it rarely directly affects testing and is used more for all around views of OneNote.

3. The Bad: One of our building computer labs lost air conditioning and the temperature quickly shot up to around 100° Fahrenheit. Mail was quickly sent by one of the lab owners and machines were quickly shut down to avoid damage. Since everyone was fast to respond, to my knowledge, we suffered no hardware damage but dealing with the lost servers while the air conditioning was fixed caused a bump in our weekly schedule.

All in all, these items, along with me being sick a couple of days this week, have kept me from testing OneNote too much. I hope next week allows me the time to hop back into testing. I've had enough hardware changes for the time being.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms are always welcome,


Comments (3)

  1. Rami Alam says:

    Great to see John that you are using an Asus Eee slate. Is it the the EP121 or the B121?

    Also, check out my website at and tell me what you think. Thanks

  2. JohnGuin says:

    Interesting site.  I have an EP121, by the way.  Having a devil of a time getting the bluetooth keyboard to work – need to check to see if the batteries are charged or not…

  3. Rami Alam says:

    Have you flicked the on switch on? Also try using disposable batteries, I don't know how well rechargeables work.

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