"Behind the scenes" with the recent OneNote and Education post

Last week Michael wrote a great blog post about using OneNote in education. It has video, some good details about how Kelvin (the teacher) uses OneNote and is generally a pretty good read. Jump on over there and check it out if this sounds interesting. I liked it because it has a physics/math twist to it.

As I've mentioned before, I always try to measure if my blog here is having some positive effect on OneNote or Microsoft. I typically use a baseball analogy - a home run is an article that many folks read and generates a lot of positive feedback. This goes all the way down to striking out (articles that people don't like - not that generate no responses). Anyway, since Kelvin had contacted me out of the blue, and we wound up getting in touch with him in person and such, I would count this as a nice win for the testing blog. I don’t want to sound like I'm responsible for this great post - I'm just happy to have played a small part in it.

And I got a new monitor for our twitter feed. It's not quite as large as the old and shows about the six most recent tweets. One interesting aspect of all this I have noticed is that until about 18 months ago or so, nearly all of the tweets have been in English. Since then, I would say it is close to 40% English and many different languages for the rest. Fortunately, we have folks from all over the world on the OneNote team, so we are able to read through almost all of them. Thanks for tweeting about us, and please keep it up!

No more loose ends to tie up here.

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