Service Pack 1 is available for OneNote (and Office) 2010

I don't know how I missed blogging this - Office 2010 SP1 is now available. It has some improvements for OneNote, and the other applications in Office as well, so be sure to use Windows Update to get it.

If you want a direct link to the downloads, though, you can use these:

clip_image001Download the Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 64-bit package now.

clip_image001[1]Download the Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 32-bit package now.

Pasted from <>

On a "not really testing, but just playing around" note, I wonder what this post will look like once on the blog site? Here's how I created it, and why I am wondering:

  1. I copied the links and images from the KB article above.
  1. Pasted them on a OneNote page
  1. Cut one of the images to the clipboard
  2. Inserted a two by two table and pasted the image and links into it (to get the images to be alongside the links)
  3. Hid the borders
  4. Now I will paste it to Windows Live Writer and publish from there.

I'm just curious about how that table will survive the copy/paste to Windows Live Writer and how it will get through the publishing process.

Here's what it looks like in OneNote, for what it's worth:


In any event, enjoy SP1!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,



PS: the table did not survive, so I manually aligned the links with the images.

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  1. Fernando Claros de Luna says:

    Good news! Thanks for the links 🙂

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