A nice OneNote project from Arizona State University

I was out earlier this week and missed this in email when it came in. But it’s still really fantastic to see work being done like this and I had to pass it on:

"I wanted to send you a quick note on the power of OneNote to build a solution which enables low-vision and legally blind students take notes in their secondary and post-secondary classrooms as quickly (and with the same ease) as their fully-sighted peers. Team Note-Taker (4th team on the page) from Arizona State University has built an application which uses Tablet PC and OneNote with a camera based device  – they are 1 of 4 finalists who will be presenting tomorrow at the US Imagine Cup Finals.

It is a very neat story and the student who built this solution is actually legally blind! "

I checked out the video and it’s really great – I want one of those cameras for our meetings since we always wind up writing on whiteboards around here!

Good work ASU!

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