Tip for creating links to certain places on a OneNote page

A lawyer over on the social group had an interesting question over the weekend. Here it is:

I.m a trial attorney. I use onenote as an electronic trial notebook. I have a folder for each witness. I create a page for each transcript of prior testimony or statement. Some witnesses have 6 or 7 different statements and so 6 or 7 different notes within the folder. I'd like to be able to type out questions and if the witness denies having said something or changes his statement I'd like to be able to click on a link to take me to a particular line or statement in the actual transcript and then once that portion of the questioning is complete click back to my outline of questions. I can only seem to link to sections and not to particular lines.

Pasted from <http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/addonenote/thread/00cabed6-b1dd-4c59-bc95-3c08fe7242a0>

This seemed clear enough - the lawyer wants to have a link that, for instance, jumps to halfway down a long page of information rather than just to the top of the page (or, wherever focus was last placed by the user). You can create links to just about any element on a page - just right click the element at thejump location and select "Copy Link to Paragraph," like this:


Now you can use that link to navigate OneNote to the page and to that specific location on the page when you click it. In this case, the lawyer can jump pack to the relevant line in the witness' statement.

The lawyer marked this as an answer, so I hope it helps you too! Now if only this is used in some TV crime drama...

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Dave says:


    Is there a "back button" feature of any sort so after the jump to the relevant paragraph in the other deposition you can quickly, easily, be brought back to where you started?


  2. JohnGuin says:

    None that I could find.  The best (and very ugly) workaround I came up with was to type a single letter at the end of each paragraph as I read it, then use Undo to undo the typing and move focus back.  LIke I said, ugly.  I will pass this along to the design team as a request, though.

  3. John says:

    Does ALT+Left Arrow help?  I think I might have misunderstood your request.

  4. Alixx says:

    This does not seem to work if the notebook is stored on Skydrive. The available workarounds I found do not seem to work, either.

  5. This works find for notebooks stored on the local computer. However, I cannot get this to work for notebooks which are stored on SkyDrive. I've done a google search and found one workaround (connect.microsoft.com/…/links-to-paragraphs-dont-work-well-for-notebook-stored-on-skydrive) but this does not seem to work for me. When I click on the link, it calls up the page through the browser, which is less than helpful.  I am working on my thesis project, and being able to link the arguments of one scholar to another would be helpful.

  6. JohnGuin says:

    I just tested this on SkyDrive and it works as expected.

    Can you give me a step by step to how you are copying the link to the paragraph?

  7. Sky says:

    can you give a step by step as to how to copy the Link to a paragraph please???????????

  8. JohnGuin says:

    Just right click wherever you want on the page and select "Copy Link to paragraph."  OneNote uses a fairly broad definition of "pargraph" so this technique works just about everywhere on the page.

  9. vmiller1963 says:

    Thanks for Blogging this John,

    Why did Microsoft not market this awesome tool for so long???

    I thought that should be an obvious feature, but "Copy Link to paragraph" is NOT an obvious label … sounds like you selected a "paragraph" somewhere and now you want to insert a link to it where you are. … Hey Microsoft, how about … ok I couldn't come up with anything yet … but Microsoft should be able to 🙂

  10. al says:

    Is there a shortcut key for this?

  11. JohnGuin says:

    OK, there is a way to do this with the keyboard.  SHIFT+F10 is the keyboard shortcut for right click, then you can hit P to copy the link from the context menu.  Thanks to Dan Escapa for pointing this out!

  12. Tia says:

    Is there a way to keep the links intact when exporting the notebook for external users to view?  When I export the .onepkg and import on another pc the links no longer work.  

  13. John says:

    What types of links fail to work?  http://, onenote:// or file links to local files?

  14. Dana says:

    I'm unable to get this to work with Skydrive notebooks either.  I've done the right click 'copy to paragraph' from my ON client….and the link takes me to my skydrive Notebook but only takes me to the first note in that notebook – not the specific page I've linked to.  The link references the correct page – but doesn't display it.

  15. JohnGuin says:

    Are you opening the page with the web client?  Right now (August 2014) the web client will only open the correct section and cannot tell which page in it to open, so this sounds like the case here.

  16. Adam Parmenter says:

    I created a back button of sorts by Typing the phrase "Return to Type" and using the function to link back to the top of the page.  After that it's simple to copy that link to anywhere in my note in which I want the option to return to top.

  17. George Mouchet says:

    OneNote 2013 has a back button at the very top of the page, next to Undo

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