An addin to help Visual Studio users with moving code to OneNote

David Tinney sent me this really nifty addin for Visual Studio 2008. It lets you copy code with formatting from Visual Studio into OneNote. It’s been a popular request from those folks out there that write a lot of code and I’m glad to see this type of addin get created.  Here's the short description:


CodeTo1Note (pronounced: Code To One Note) is an add-in for the
Visual Studio 2008 IDE which imports selected lines of code from the
editor into a selected target within OneNote 2010.

The entire project, along with the full directions, can be downloaded from the zip file below my signature here: .

David finished this on Thanksgiving Day and decided to share this with everyone. Enjoy!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

Comments (5)

  1. M.Ahrens says:

    Is it just me (I tried it out), or does this addin not work with Visual Studio 2010?

  2. John says:

    Just VS 2008 – I tried 2010 as well and could not get it to work.  There may be a tweak to get  the addin to load, but I haven't found it if so.

  3. DavidDotNet says:

    CodeTo1Note was developed and tested on Visual Studio 2008 and will NOT work on Visual Studio 2010 because of the reasons cited in this post (…/onenote-2010-and-visual-studio-2010-compatibility-issues.aspx  )  —  A Visual Studio 2010 compatible version will be released sometime shortly after the holidaysl that is provided that Santa Claus delivers!

  4. Sophia says:

    You could also ctrl+c in VS, ctr+p in MSWord, ctrl+c in MSWord and ctrl+p in Onenote as a workaround…

  5. Michiel says:

    The productivity power tools extension provides this functionality to VS 2010.

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