What an odd "printer" bug

For some reason, I had this captured in my Unfiled Notes section:

 On a side note, the most classic "printer" bug I ever have heard is this one:  when a player eats a ghost in a PacMan type clone game for the TRS-80 Color Computer, his printer would print a line of garbage:

http://cocomag.dyndns.org/TheRainbow/830207/large/830207-007.jpg (top middle)


(Here's the actual snippet from the letters to the editor):


The only background I have on this is:

1. "The Rainbow" was a magazine for the TRS-80 Color Computer.  I had one of those (still do, actually) and it was a lot of fun.

2. What an odd bug - eating a ghost in a Pac Man clone caused the printer to print?  Weird.  Probably understandable, though - I'm sure some data got written to the memory location that controlled the printer.

3. This was from 1983.  Printer bugs have been around quite a while.

4. Some folks are trying to get all these old magazines scanned and OCRed correctly.  I've been helping on and off with this project, so that explains where I saw this.


Anyway, I don't remember copying this, or why, but figured I would share.  It's obviously testing related, at least.


See you all in a couple of weeks.  I'm taking off for a vacation!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. John says:

    Hi Tim,

    That link appears to be broken?

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