The OneNote Test Team is Hiring!

Indeed we are.   If you are interested in testing OneNote (and all that entails), jump over to the job description at and see if you have what it takes.

Thanks all!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

Comments (2)

  1. Lior Carmon says:


    Just started to base an API integration for OneNote 2010.

    What I see is different behaviour while basing same section creation which did work in OneNote2007.

    Here's an error result for ApplicationClass.CreateNewPage:

    I get Error.hrSectionReadOnly result.


    Event Type: Information

    Event Source: Office Software Protection Platform Service

    Event Category: None

    Event ID: 1003

    Date: 6/28/2010

    Time: 2:39:08 PM

    User: N/A

    Computer: HAIFA-EIT2-VBX-


    The Software Protection service has completed licensing status check.

    Application Id=59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663

    Licensing Status=

    1: 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a, 1, 1 [(0 [0xC004E003, 0, 0], [( 1 0xC004F056 30 0 msft:rm/algorithm/volume/1.0 0x00000000 0)(?)( 1 0xC004F056 30 0 msft:rm/algorithm/volume/1.0 0x00000000 0)(?)(?)(?)])(1 )(2 [0x00000000, 0, 0], [( 5 0xC004F009 30 0)( 5 0xC004F009 30 0)( 1 0x00000000 0 0 msft:rm/algorithm/flags/1.0 0x00000000 0)( 7 0x00000000 2010/10/31)(?)( 9 0x00000000 0xC004F056)])]

    2: 26adec89-edf3-4adc-a3fc-c865f1a9f71f, 1, 0 [(0 [0xC004F014, 0, 0], [(?)(?)(?)(?)(?)(?)])(1 )(2 )]

    END Report.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Carmon

  2. John says:

    Hello Lior,

    Can you share the code and the notebook location that is giving the error?  And can you double check the permissions on the file (for instance, I have heard that upgrading from XP to Win7 can sometimes result in this type of permission error)?

    Thanks, John

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