Using OneNote to help complete a half marathon

Nothing directly related to testing today. Instead, a few of the folks on the test team and I went out last Sunday and ran the Kirkland (Washington) Half Marathon. It was just about perfect weather for it - cool in the shade, a hint of warm in the sun. If it would not have been for all the hills it would have even been fun!

I used OneNote to help train for the run. At first, I downloaded the marathon template for OneNote and figured that just dividing each recommendation in half would make since I was running in a half marathon. But we decided a little too late to enter the run to make this possible. Instead, I found a half marathon training schedule at and pasted it into a OneNote page. Then I just checked off each day I completed the recommended training. (I did not do all the recommended training as you will see). Here's what it looked like:


It worked pretty well. I like the feeling of completion I got when I checked off a box.  It is surprising how much motivation that little check box provided.

And here's the obligatory photo of us:


Glen, Nani, Ricky and John.

The best part of all this? Getting done and enjoying the post race lattes - this is a Seattle area event, after all 🙂

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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