OneNote 2010 Linked Note Taking addin for Firefox

I just noticed that Mao Chen, who was on the team for creating the Linked Notes feature in OneNote 2010, just posted an addin for Firefox to add linked note taking support.  Check it out at  I think this is the first addin I’ve seen for OneNote 2010 – congratulations, Mao!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

(Horrendously sized image of the addin in action)


Comments (4)

  1. Ole says:

    Would really appreciate Linked Note Taking for Chrome as well: any chance?

    kind regards,


  2. Damien K says:

    OneNote Linked Notes are one amazing feature! However, Firefox 6 offers me more what I want for a web browser than IE9, and unfortunately this add on broke after Firefox 4. Any chance this will be updated? Please!


    -A happy OneNote 2010 user

  3. JohnGuin says:

    I suggest getting in touch with Mao to see if he is going to update it.  Thanks for using OneNote!

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