Nothing at all to do with testing

Amazing the odd things that bring up memories of college. I was taking a literature class and one of the books we had to read was Robinson Crusoe. The teacher was animated about this book and to generate interest, he went on a near screaming tirade about the title page:


He read it out loud line by line and would emphasize "Eight and Twenty YEARS!" and go on a little rant about how no one in the class was this old (um, not quite…). And when he got to the word "PYRATES" he almost went through the roof with excitement! Getting to the bottom of this one page took literally the full hour of class.

His point was that you could write a whole thesis on just this frontspiece. There is a world of stories in just this simple text and it fires the imagination of the reader. In that spirit, I present these photos:


This is a computer case doubling as a monitor stand. It's behind some other stuff and hard to reach. The light on the computer is on, and that leaves me with these questions:

  1. Is this monitor connected to this computer?
  2. Does the owner even remember the computer is there?
  1. Does it ever get restarted? If so, is it controlled only via software?
  1. It’s been there for a while, judging by the dust. Is this machine old, on its way out, or still in use?

Sigh. I may never know.


This is a laptop battery sitting on a dry erase board shelf.

  1. Why? Does the owner not need a battery?
  1. Is this battery bad? Should it be recycled? If so, how often was it used?
  1. What is it doing here? Why is it not connected to the laptop? Is it a spare?

The possibilities are endless.

I don't know why this all came to me this week. It has nothing to do with testing, but it was just something that caught my eye.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Comments (2)

  1. Other than your teacher’s inspired urgings and deconstructive rant.. your photo interp. and thematic apperception analysis is just what spies have to do from a glimpse.

    See Sherlock Holmes.



  2. Daniel Larsen says:

    Ah, but it has EVERYTHING to do with testing! 🙂

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