A nice tip for a Windows theme to work with OneNote 2010

Sigh.  Somehow or other I have seem to have lost my permissions to install our internal builds of Office 2010.  This means I can’t upgrade to our latest versions.  And, naturally, I only found out I lost permissions after wiping the OS on my tablet (I’m going to run with Windows XP for awhile) and uninstalling from my desktop.  So as it stands right now, I have no OneNote to use for work.  I wanted to copy and paste some notes from email (using Outlook Web Access, of course) and I hit Windows + N to create a new sidenote for filing.  It did not work and I was stuck for a few seconds wondering why, until I realized OneNote had been uninstalled.  It’s shaping up to be “one of those days.”


Enough of that, though.  Reader “MMD.TV” was paying attention and noticed that the Zune Windows theme Microsoft gives away actually makes OneNote 2010 easier to see (at least on the monitors I tried).  You can download it at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=75078.  Like I mentioned, I tried it on my Windows XP machine and it looked really good.  I would include a screenshot, but I don’t have OneNote installed…  Again, sigh.


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