A tip to get a keyboard shortcut for the "Center Text"–command in OneNote 2010

This question bubbled up over on the social group: "What is the keyboard combination for centering the text in a OneNote 2010 table cell or column? In previous versions of OneNote I was able to center text in a table cell or column using the Ctrl+E keyboard combination. In OneNote 2010 that same keyboard combination…


A bulk image importer powertoy for OneNote 2010

  “Vince” wrote to me a while back and asked if there was any way to update the text importer to import JPG files.  It seems he had hundreds of these files for an anatomy class and was getting frustrated with copy/pasting them one at a time into OneNote.  It turns out it was fairly…


A nice letter from a teacher using OneNote

This email comes from a math teacher in BC, Canada. I asked his permission to post it, and he agreed. Thanks, Kelvin! I thought it was a unique viewpoint and worth sharing: —- I’d like to take this opportunity to get on a soapbox here, if that’s OK.  Feel free to use any of this…


Source code for the Bulk Ink Eraser powertoy

The source code for this powertoy is attached below my signature at the end of this column. It’s really just the inkeraserclass.cs  file- everything else is just the setup/interface for it. The code here was fairly straightforward but still took some time for me to understand how to get all the ink on the page….


A OneNote 2010 powertoy to bulk erase ink

A math teacher from Canada sent me a request a couple of weeks ago for help. He had some pages that had pictures and ink on them, and wanted a way to select and delete only the ink on the page. He has some content on the page, then adds in (presumably in class for…


An addin to help Visual Studio users with moving code to OneNote

David Tinney sent me this really nifty addin for Visual Studio 2008. It lets you copy code with formatting from Visual Studio into OneNote. It’s been a popular request from those folks out there that write a lot of code and I’m glad to see this type of addin get created.  Here’s the short description:…


Tweaking OneNote 2010 to change scanning image insertion behavior

Over in the social newsgroup, a couple of folks noticed that scanned images into OneNote result in slightly different behavior in OneNote 2010 than 2007. Specifically, when you scan an image in OneNote we now add it into an outline. This is different than OneNote 2007 – the image just got put directly on the…


The work of work

This week has been very busy for me, and most of what I have been doing has not directly been related to testing OneNote.  For starters, I tried to install Wacom drivers to update my Lenovo tablet.  I went to the Wacom site to get the newest drivers and installed them.  They made no change,…


Some testing lingo

Looking through the social group shows that I was using some "lingo" that the testers and the rest of the team regularly use. Every job in the world has some sort of custom words and/or definitions it uses, and testing is no different. Here are some of the words we use and some working (eg,…


Left is up and right is down

In a meeting earlier this week, I wanted to take some notes. Since there were not many folks the meeting, I knew if I typed on a keyboard the sound of my typing would disturb the meeting (this actually happened to me once at an internal training session. I was taking notes in OneNote on…