Resizing the ribbon in OneNote 2010: an introduction

We've gotten a large amount of feedback on the ribbon in OneNote 2010 beta.  The Ribbon is a shared component across Office and the owners wrote a good introduction on how to make the ribbon smaller and maximizing your page area.  OneNote should start with the ribbon minimized for this reason and here is their article on toggling it:

 Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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  1. Matt Hauger says:

    In general, I love the Ribbon interface. But why does it have to be SO tall? The icons about 3 times as tall as they need to be. Almost everyone is using widescreen monitors these days, and vertical real estate is at a premium. Why not allow for a vertically-flowing ribbon option, along the left- or right-hand side?

  2. JohnGuin says:

    Now *THAT* is a good idea.  Can you post it over on the Ribbon blog as well so they can get that idea directly?

  3. Robert Baker says:

    I agree that the ribbon does not work well in OneNote( especially if you are using a tablet pc and inking as much or more than you type). The amount of vertical space lost is unacceptable on a 12.1 tablet wide screen.  I live in OneNote on my Tablet and had my toolbars exactly the way I wanted them in 2007.  The ribbon adds clicks for things like changing pen color, lasso, add/remove space and toggling between ink and the selection tool.  I agree that allowing left/right placement of the ribbon would help on wide screen tablets/laptops. I think there is a very good workaround for this:  

    1.  Click on the arrow on the quick access toolbar and select "show below ribbon".

    2. Minimize ribbon

    3.  Customize quick access by adding all or your essential tools.  Moving it below the ribbon gives you the length of the screen to fill with tools you want instant access to.

    I would point out that being able to force the quick access toolbar to the left or right side of the screen would be as useful as moving the entire ribbon.

  4. John says:

    That’s another good tip about moving the QAT below the ribbon.  Thanks!

  5. Ah.. I was just thinking how great the big icons would be for an aging population that can’t see small stuff so well, and doesn’t have that much to write into the small screen anyway.

  6. omega23 says:

    About the minimzied ribbon in OneNote 2010 in full-screen, which increases the number of clicks to click buttons to for example change tool (eg.: lasso to pen etc.).

    Why not introduce an option in OneNote to show the ribbon (when minized) on mouse-over? Probably, this option would only apply in full-screen mode.

    Especally when using a pen (active digitizer) this makes sense:

    1a. move your hand to the top of the screen over the tab you want to open,

    1b. the tab opens (mouse hoover event == pen hoover event),

    3. you click the button you need.

    This reduces the number of clicks and also the number of hand movements from 6 to 3:

    A. one less pen up-and-down

    B. the hand movement to open the tab and to move to the correct button can be performed in a single, fluent motion.

    Pls let me know what you think.

  7. Alex S says:

    omega23, these are good suggestions we’ll consider for next release.  Getting the ribbon to work better for pen users is definitely something we care about. thanks for the feedback.

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