Equations and TEX support for OneNote 2007

Couldn’t miss the chance to pass this along.  Dragonshorn Studios released a TEX (equation) editor addin for OneNote 2007.  You can get it at http://dragonshorn.info/?page_id=372  I have not yet installed or played around with this yet, but it looks very interesting. Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,John


Tag Summary and other test cases for tags in OneNote

Here is a test page I created to help explain some further testing around tagged notes. There are 5 items that need me to take action on them (4 exist only in OneNote and the 5th is linked to Outlook). One of my "action items" is important and has a star next to it to…


Working with and testing To Do lists in OneNote

Every so often, I’ll get the same or very similar questions all at once. I’m not sure why this happens, but this last week I received several different variations of this type of request. "I wish there was a way to quickly mark and find all my To Do items." Well, there is, and I’ll…


Printing pages with the Adapx pen, and a plug for an old OneNote powertoy

Did you see Adapx updated their software 2.0 for the CapturX pen? You can finally print your own pages to use with their pen and then import the ink to Onenote. I’ve already tried this a little bit and it works pretty well. The pen has always worked with the physical notebook they give you…


An addin for importing from a "Digital Notepad"

Looks like Johan de Konig has written an addin to import ink from a Digital Notepad device from WALTOP.  WALTOP makes a variety of digital surfaces (according to their website). You can read about the addin here: http://www.johandekoning.nl/index.php/2009/12/08/top2onenote-addin-making-my-digital-notepad-notes-searchable/.  He goes through the code and how he developed the addin.  It’s a great read to get…


Equation support in OneNote 2010 and the clipboard

Equation support has received some strong positive feedback so far – thanks! Testing it has been a blast and it has been great to see that folks like it. I’ve been writing about some of the aspects of testing it, and today I want to give quick synopsis of copying and pasting "math" around. To…


Resizing the ribbon in OneNote 2010: an introduction

We’ve gotten a large amount of feedback on the ribbon in OneNote 2010 beta.  The Ribbon is a shared component across Office and the owners wrote a good introduction on how to make the ribbon smaller and maximizing your page area.  OneNote should start with the ribbon minimized for this reason and here is their…