Using Notepad to test OneNote

Someone came by my office this last week and saw me paste some information about a bug report I needed to file into Notepad. I was gently chastised for not using OneNote to keep track of this information. Of course, I had a reason for that and want to publicly explain why I still use…


Creating OneNote pages with just the title and no date/time stamp

Over the weekend there was a question on the site about creating a new page that does not show the date and time by default. This person did not want to click back into the date and time text and delete it each time, but did want the title visible. This is unlike using…


Back to testing OneNote after a vacation

Just back from vacation and am getting back up to speed. Some random stats that are meaningless without context: Number of new emails waiting for me: 2377 Number of new computers waiting for me: 1 This is actually really nice. As we’ve moved away from physical boxes for our day to day testing and over…


Thanks a latte, Mr. Elop!

Those of you who follow tweets related to OneNote might have seen Stephen Elop send a message now and then. He is the president of Microsoft Business Division (this division includes Office) and like most of us, really likes OnNote. As part of our yearly Giving campaign, he showed up as a barista on our…


A OneNote haiku helps with the keeping a balanced perspective

This item showed up in email today: A OneNote Haiku. This was written on our whiteboard by our coffee machines, and long time readers may know I’ve mentioned this before in an attempt at getting some testing completed.  For what it’s worth, I echo this sentiment and humbly suggest a change to make the first…


Using Fiddler to test OneNote, part 1

A tool we use to track OneNote network traffic and behavior is Fiddler. It is a free tool you can download from if you want to take a look yourself. It acts as a proxy and gives a pretty good log of what is going into and out of the computer for network traffic….