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Nothing to do with testing OneNote, per se, but this looked interesting enough to share.  If anyone joins the IHeartOneNote.com community in the next day or so, you get entered to win a $200 Amazon gift certificate.

 Here's the blurb I was sent:

"If you haven't already joined www.iheartonenote.com, the world's one and only community site for fans of OneNote, you should head over to www.iheartonenote.com right now and register because everyone who registers between noon PST on September 22 and noon PST on September 29 will automatically be entered to win a $200 amazon.com giftcard."

While this is not straight up testing, this is another venue some of the OneNote team checks into now and then to see what everyone says about us.  I probably need to write about how this fits into my "Customer Commitment" for the year, and I will at some point.  For now, though, each year when I write my commitments ("goals") for the upcoming year, I include a commitment to engage our customers and use that engagement to make OneNote better.  It's probably easy to see how a site like this can help connect, so the real focus for the year is using those comments and questions into making OneNote better.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,



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