Mapping the OneNote team

A couple of years ago I hung a map of the world on a wall in the test team hallway. I simply like having maps around. Of course, hanging a map around here invites people to make more use of it than simply having a map on the wall, and someone eventually got some sticky notes and starting adding them to the map. The location chosen was "where I am from and folks would put a little note pointing to their hometown.  This includes just about everyone on the OneNote team – not just testers -  and here's what the map looks like now.


OK, it's a lousy photo, I know.

But just look at the tabs scattered around the map. The US and Canada are represented, of course, along with the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and if you look very close, you can see a little yellow square at the bottom right pointing to Australia. If we can just get someone from Antarctica we would have a complete continental set.

Seriously, it is always great to have so many different viewpoints around. We get to see our product from the points of view of representatives from every part of the world and that keeps us from designs that only make sense (for instance) in one language or culture.

It also makes for great "hallway conversations" and fantastic pot luck dinners, too!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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