Some OneNote follow up items while my tablet is gone

So my tablet PC is still being used for debugging and it is taking longer than anyone expected. No big deal, except that my notes I had collected about setting the page size are on that machine's hard drive. I didn't have time to copy them anywhere for backup before I lost the machine. I'll spoil the ending by saying I had trouble setting the height attribute to zero if there was a page title. The easy workaround was to set the height to 18 pixels if there was a page title, which you can read from the XML.

So a quick note on other follow ups and some miscellaneous information:

  1. I am waiting for the logging I added in April to help track the failing automation script. This was a very intermittent error so I am not surprised it has not been hit since then.

  2. Ironically, I checked in some other changes to our napkin math automation just today.

  3. While my Lenovo is being debugged (and the problems it is hitting at this point seem to be unique to that piece of hardware) I have a loaner Fujitsu Lifebook tablet. It's roughly equivalent to my Lenovo, but has a 64 bit dual core CPU instead of the 32 bit I had before. Currently I have it set up with Vista 64 bit and hope to get my other machine back before I need to change configurations.

  4. I'm still puzzled by the Task Request from Meeting Notes powertoy being so frequently downloaded. I've heard the requests from our discussion group, the Connect site and direct email that we need more task integration, so maybe that is feeding these downloads.  I never expected it to be as popular as it has been, though.

  5. Just about 100% of the program managers (designers of OneNote) that walk by my office regularly slow down to read your tweets. Many other folks from other teams do this, too. It starts quite a few conversations about tweeting, what the red/white/color scheme means, and what information you can get from it. (And that last topic there has a whole world of analysis behind it).

  6. And some news that is almost marketing hype (but this Technical Fellow is very much worth listening to):


On Thursday, June 18, Mark Russinovich will host a virtual roundtable for IT pros worldwide to discuss Windows 7 Application Compatibility. This is a chance for IT pros to learn all about the Windows 7 Application Compatibility and answer any deployment and management questions that they may have. 

Save the date and join Mark on Thursday, June 18 at:

As part of the “virtual” experience, you may submit your questions about Windows 7 Beta to the panel live during the event—or submit questions in advance to

(I'll even add an ical attachment - 8K in size - below my signature on this blog if you want to add the date to your calendar).


I hope to be able to broadcast the other information I have from investigating the height and width for pages from our API when I get my hard drive back. Gathering the information took quite a while and I would hate to go through that process again - I'd rather move onward!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable - Windows 7 Application Compatibility.ics

Comments (1)

  1. Rich says:

    Re: popularity of Task Request from Meeting Notes.  Maybe it’s just me, though I doubt it.  This Powertoy is requested so often because MS provides no other useful and commonly accessible tool to enable management of multiple projects.  Outlook itself, which virtually all of us have, is rotten for keeping track of the time-phased, multiple event projects that fill our days, both at home and work.  For those of us who spend 40 hours-plus a week behind the corporate machines we’ve been issued, Project is not available across our teams and is too sophisticated for easy use.  While I’ve always suspected Outlook’s limits were intended to drive us to purchase Project and/or SharePoint (got it, like it, still too linear), please tell the big boys IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

    But I could be wrong.  Meanwhile, Bless you for OneNote.  Cheers, Rich

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