OneNote is in your tweets (and reading them, too!)

So I’m reading my email when Mike Tholfsen (of the OneNote and Education blog fame) sent this email to a bunch of customer focused people in Office:

“Enter your product’s name into Twendz to see what customers are Tweeting about:  Pretty interesting stuff…



Short and to the point.  (Quick warning: the text posted here is posted by people who sometimes use mature language).   Also, the site is listed as  a beta, so I have no idea how long it will be there.


Anyway, I thought the site was pretty nice to see.  I set the filter to show all OneNote traffic.  Here’s a quick sample:


And I watched it now and then over the weekend.  Then I thought the entire OneNote team would be interested in seeing what our customers were saying, so I found an old PC and a monitor and hooked it up live in my office.  One of the other people I work with photographed the setup and posted it here:

It has had an effect (affect?  Grammar Girl, which one do I mean?) on the team.  People are swinging by and taking note of what is said here.  It has started a a lot of good conversations around OneNote, Twitter, customers and what people are tweeting about us and our competition.  It keeps our eyes on what our customers are saying, and that is a always good thing. 


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. jmcphers says:

    Thanks to your office’s strategic location near the hub of the building, a lot of us folks who don’t work on OneNote get to enjoy the twitterstream too, on our way to take care of important business of one kind or another.

    It’s quite a neat idea, and I’d be tempted to try the same for the product I work on–except "Access" is a common noun *and* a common verb, so the Twendz stream is much more cluttered.

    And you mean "effect". 🙂

  2. Vaibhav says:

    As has/have/had are transitive verbs, you need an object. The object needs to be a noun. Effect is a noun, affect is a verb. Hence, effect! 🙂

  3. "Hardware week," my own term, is usually pretty fun. I define hardware week as any week in

  4. As I am sure some of you saw we are glancing at OneNote twitter traffic ( John’s blog . random post )

  5. So my tablet PC is still being used for debugging and it is taking longer than anyone expected. No big

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