It’s kind of a slow week for most people, so here’s what I’m doing in OneNote

This time of year is usually pretty quiet here at work and this particular year is no exception. In fact, because of our recent snow, the number of people here each day is especially low. I always see this as a good time to get caught up on all the lower priority tasks that have…


A new powertoy (nee test tool) used to find OneNote pages with embedded files

  FDO stands for “File Data Object.” This probably only means anything to us, but I wanted to point it out to be complete. If you click the FDO button and it turns gray and gets disabled, check this out to ensure you have the .NET programmability support for OneNote installed. It’s not fast, and…


Always verify priority when test is asked to complete a task

I was looking around for a "classic case" of a typical assignment the test team gets to discuss when I got an email similar to the following: "OneNote is using hard coded path names in some of its automation batch files. Specifically, these 4 files [the email included a list] will need to be updated….


Testing my calendar agenda table, and an alternative calendar/planner addin for 2009

Once I made my change to my calendar/planner addin to get the columns to size correctly, I needed to test it. I wanted to make sure that my table was usable on different screen resolutions and did not draw off the page. My test matrix went from 800×600 to 1600×1200. I ignored color depth since…


Doing a OneNote demo: lessons remembered and thankfully not learned

I was fortunate enough last week to get to demonstrate OneNote to a large group of people. The demo went well and there were no glitches at all. In the same spirit as my Outlook rule that delays all outgoing mail by two minutes, I have a few rules about demos. Plan ahead and practice…


Staying focused on testing OneNote even while we use it

We talked about a key concept of our testing earlier this week and I think it is worth sharing.  Let me start with an imaginary scenario:   While working on OneNote, we introduce this type of bug into our product:  if you add a table which has an image in it, you can’t add bullet…


Reading the OneNote schema documentation helps prevent bugs

  As I was working on the Calendar Page Maker powertoy for OneNote, I hit a problem at one point with trying to get the size of the columns in the table correct.  I wanted my table to look like this:   Time of Day A really wide column to hold the events   Hopefully,…