OneNote Favorites updated with user requested feature


Shu Chen updated his Favorites addin again.  You can get the updated version at the bottom of this page.  He updated his addin based on these comments from Richard:


"...MOVING the OneNote Folder from its position in IE Favorites into Links stops it working properly because the program seems to lose track of its path. If you go to OneNote itself and go to Favorites it tells you that it is empty.

....  I would love to have my OneNotes Favorites folder on my IE toolbar. Must be solvable - can you help!"


So now the OneNote favorites bar is shown in IE.    Again, this is one of my favorite addins (no pun intended).  If you haven't installed it yet, please give it a try.  The link for it is at the bottom of this entry.  For what it is worth, I'll try to upload the files from now on the to the MSDN site.  The other ISPs haven't been as reliable as I had hoped.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


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  1. Every so often I’ll get a question from someone who has a need to find pages that have embedded files

  2. Two things are happening. First, Shu responded to you and updated his Favorites addin. In his words,

  3. Steve says:

    FYI, when I try to install this in Vista Business.  I got a message "Another installation is already in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one."  I got the same message in either the msi or .exe version.  I have checked the task manager and I do not see any other setup.exe other than itself.  Yes I did run this as admin (right click) and I am the local admin on this machine.  I have also reboot the machine from cold before trying to install it and got the same message still.

  4. JohnGuin says:

    Can you check to see if msiexec.exe is running for some reason?  That is the installer program these addins use, so if it is running, they won’t install.   In other words, the "another installation" is likely msiexec.exe, not setup.exe.

    It might be interesting to check your temp folder to see if there is a log file for whatever else is trying to install…

  5. Steve says:

    Thanks. It was windows update for some strange reason behind the scene despite fresh reboot 3 or 4 instances.  After I killed them, it worked.

  6. Steve says:

    It’s pretty cool feature.  I’m trying to grab about 300 URLs link of page of interests.  I have to click on each page and control-alt-D. Then copy all those URLs to target application.  Is there anyway for me to grab all these URLs to the page less painful? It would be nice if I can just select the 300 pages, right click and copy URL and paste to excel or other program?  Thanks.

  7. JohnGuin says:

    Do you mean "OneNote pages" or "web pages" that you are trying to copy links?

    For OneNote, if you had three hundred pages, I would recommened copying those pages to a new section and just save the link to the section.

    For web pages, there may be an addin to the browser that lets you do that.  I don’t know of any off the top of my head.

  8. Steve says:

    300 onenote pages.  Some week ago, I have tried select multiple pages at the same time and right click and choose copy hyperlink and paste it to an excel with hope that it would paste the link of all those pages in excel row, but it didn’t work.  It pasted only 1 hyperlink to one of the page only.  Somehow after installing the powertoy yesterday and tried again, it worked.  I didn’t have to do it the painful way.  Thank you.

    I can move all those pages to another section but that would defeat the purpose of what I’m trying to use.  I currently use the title of each page as the question.  Inside it as the answer.  In other words, I kinda use it as a flash card/page to quiz myself.  It doesn’t do all the things I wanted to do but gotta improvise something since many of my notes require memorization.  Why am I using it this way?  Because MS Ink Flash Card does not have a print button.  I don’t know who to ask to add that in there.  Most of my pages are 3×5 size so I can print and carry around to quiz myself.  

    I post a feedback on onenote connect since I don’t see anything dealing with digital pen.

    Do you think you can come up with some powertoy for this? 🙂

  9. Steve says:

    PS: I hate rewriting or copy and paste certain area of my notes again to MS Ink by the way that I already record in onenote, so when it comes time to quiz, I just want to turn onenote into a way where it can quiz me of the things I want it to quiz me.  It’s better if we can use onenote to quiz as flashcard without having to rewrite or recopy/paste to another program that waste valuable student time. 🙂

  10. JohnGuin says:

    Adapx makes a pen that syncs to OneNote.  There are other pen solutions out there (LiveScribe) that use regular paper. You may want to try one of them.

  11. planetthoughtful says:

    Will this work with OneNote 2010? If not, any plans to update it to work with the new version?

  12. John says:

    Yes – I just installed it on my 2010 machine and it works fine.

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