Problems with meetings (not OneNote or even software related!)

    Even testers need to have meetings now and then, and during my 40% of the week last week, we had two of "those meetings" back to back.

    In the first meeting, we could not get the overhead projector working with the first tablet we tried. The cable would not physically plug into the connector. The bolts connected to the connector had extending bolts attached to them, and that extending bolt was loose. A rough drawing is like this:


    Piece 1 is the bolt which sticks out and is tightened when you connect the assembly to your video port. Piece 2 above is the part of the screw which gets bolted into your video port to hold the connector in place.

    We fought with the connectors - which, among other things, had been taped together - for a bit but did not want to waste too much time since our time in the room was limited. Instead, I grabbed the cable and connected to the Lenovo tablet I'm back to using. This worked well after I was able to tighten the screws. Then I had to unplug the cable. The screws would not loosen, so I grabbed my multitool and used force. Obviously, if I'm using a tool on a computer, something has or soon will go wrong, and this was no exception. I broke the screw (the red item above"piece 2") into the tablet by using the screwdriver:


    Notice the right most post has the broken screw in it. Sorry for the fuzzy photo - it’s the best my cell phone could take.

    As if that wasn't enough, the exact same problem happened an hour later for a follow on meeting we had. This time, though, we did not tighten the screws down and called for a technician to come by. He noticed the bolts to the bolt extenders was not correct, and quickly assembled a new connector. Since they screws in this case had been over-tightened by whoever had previously used the room, his one tool was not enough. Out came my multitool again, and this time it took two of us to undo the connector. The tech quickly assembled a new connector and went out to inspect the other meeting rooms around us to prevent these problems from happening to others.

    I think the only lesson learned was to arrive early if possible to test any hardware you may need for a presentation. And carry a multitool.

    And on a Lenovo note, the sensor which detects when the screen has been rotated is flaky. Now and again, it will think I rotated the screen, so the UI will go into portrait mode. Talk about a frustrating bug…

    Lastly, thanks to Dan Escapa for reminding me that when frustrating events like this occur, I can always "blog about it and forget about it."

    Questions, concerns, comments and criticism always welcome,

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